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How Technology Can Benefit Rental Property Landlords - Article Banner

As a Santa Rosa landlord, you may need to oversee multiple tasks. You have to handle everything from keeping up with the critical documents and marketing your properties to finding quality residents and helping them move in. Doing everything by yourself may sometimes seem overwhelming. However, leveraging the right technology for rental management can simplify the process, improve interactions with residents, streamline your business and help you make a profit. 

As experienced property managers, we can help you understand how technology can benefit you and how it is a bigger part of PURE Property Management.

1. Online Marketing Tools 

While ads in newspapers or ‘For Rent’ sign boards help attract local residents, online marketing tools connect you with a broader pool of residents. Online listing platforms like Craigslist or Zillow allow you to post rental ads, including digital photos of your property and descriptions of each amenity. 

You can also use a content management system like WordPress to create your website and add your rental requirements, property-related details and contact information to communicate with your residents. Social media is another helpful tool where you can create a business account, post photos of your property and interact with people who engage with your posts. 

2. Virtual Property Tools 

Scheduling online meetings have become more common instead of in-person interactions. The same applies to rental property showings. Now, you take some time off from your busy schedule and show your property to prospective residents. You can also show it to them virtually and save time and money that you might invest in traveling. 

Advanced tools like 360 virtual tours or 3D models can allow your residents to cover every corner of your house without leaving the comfort of their current house. Additionally, preparing virtual tours gives your residents a unique experience of seeing the property before visiting it in person.

3. Digital Maintenance Requests

Submitting emergency maintenance requests is easy with the help of online portals these days. If you hire PURE Property Management, we provide 24/7 access to our clients where they can communicate any repair issues with landlords or property managers and get them resolved on priority. With these digital portals, residents can add photos or other details, follow up regularly, and track the repair process. Online portals are highly convenient for all involved, from submitting requests and reviewing them to assigning maintenance and repair tasks.

4. Project Management Systems

Being a landlord, you must take on many roles and schedule and track many things. That’s where the project management system comes in handy. It can allow you to conduct property showings and residents meetings and book maintenance appointments. A few software like google calendar, basecamp, and Asana are free and easy to use. You can install them in your system to track upcoming tasks, collaborate with others and streamline your business. 

5. Accounting Software

Tax season can be cumbersome for anyone running a business. It is even more of a hassle if you don’t keep a good record of your accounts and financial transactions. However, accounting software can help you stay at the top of all your finances and track year-round expenses and earnings. There are many cloud accounting software options like Freshbooks, Excel Spreadsheet and Quickbooks for small businesses. They can help you see your income and expenses at a glance and plan your budget.

6. Online Payments Options  

Online payment is the best option to streamline your rent collection process if you have a solid real estate portfolio and manage multiple residents simultaneously. With these platforms, you can provide login details to your residents, help them create accounts and allow them to pay rent through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). You can ask your residents to set up an auto-pay mode to cut down on delayed rent payments. Digital payments can also save you the hassle of paying all the monthly bills. 

Smart TechnologyAs you can see, implementing smart technology can protect your investment, accelerate your rental business and retain your residents in the long run. Similarly, it can improve the quality of your rental service and allow you to charge more for your rental property. But if you still find it challenging to manage your business, we can relieve you of many rental tasks and help you run your business peacefully. 

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