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As a Santa Rosa landlord, you might consider doing a few things to increase the desirability of your rental property. Boosting its curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to make your rental more appealing and ensure high property value. If your house exudes a fresh feel, it can persuade renters when they are choosing a home. However, this does not necessarily mean spending large sums on your rental property. Even a little effort can make a big difference and encourage your tenants to lease your property.

Here are five practical ways to improve the curb appeal of your Santa Rosa rental property:

1. Apply a Fresh Coat Of Paint 

Every rental property becomes dull over time as it undergoes weathering and wear and tear. However, a fresh coat of paint can add immense value to your home and make it look new. It is also the quickest and most affordable way to upgrade a house and ensure the most returns on investment. An excellent color palette or trendy colors invites more attention and lends more interest than an ordinary place. 

You don’t need to use bright colors for the entire exterior. You can apply them on number plates, mailboxes, outside furnishings, doors, and window boxes to make your unit stand out and attract prospective renters. 

2. Go Green

Like colors, trees and flowers also bring vibrant and welcoming air to your living place. Adding more greenery also creates a tranquil atmosphere, invigorates energy and refreshes the look of your unit. Consider different plants, flowers and bushes for the front and back yards. Prefer plants that are easy to maintain so that your tenants will not feel burdened with caring for the lawn. 

You can consult a horticulturist or a professional gardener to get a few gardening ideas and give your space a classy look. Make sure you plant flowers, like hydrangeas, along the front walkway of your home. They look more beautiful and colorful and require less maintenance, meaning you spend less on groundskeeping staff.

3. Illuminate The Space

Lighting can dramatically affect your Santa Rosa rental unit’s exterior look, atmosphere, functionality, and security. You don’t need to spend massive amounts to make the space impressive but incorporate simple lighting styles to your design. A bright porch light can easily illuminate the surrounding area. Still, if you wish to add extra flair, you can always include decorative lights, spotlights, step lights, string lights and downlights. 

Consider illuminating the entryway or a pathway toward your home, installing solar lights near your walkways or placing solar orbs near plants and trees along the unit’s border. Also, you can coordinate your lighting solutions with each season with colored string lights for a more festive curb appeal.

4. Consider Landscaping

Nothing can beat a clean and uncluttered landscape. Having a tidy and well-groomed yard can improve your home’s appearance and give a homey feel to your potential tenants. Make sure you trim the hedges, mow the lawn, pull weeds from the garden beds, and keep all the features well-cared. 

If you can afford it, add a container garden or some outdoor art to make your yard more lively and fresh. If your unit has a driveway, consider keeping it in good shape and removing growing weeds between the concrete. Since a driveway is a huge selling point, it is necessary to maintain it regularly.

5. Add Some Outside Furniture 

Considering some snappy furniture to your rental’s exterior can help add a fun twist. You can place a bench along the walkway or under the trees. If you have enough space outside, consider a few items like a porch swing or chairs, outdoor dining, swimming pool, walking path, or fitness equipment. You can also remove old and broken furniture to create enough space and make the rental more appealing. 

Being a landlord, you are responsible for ensuring a habitable and safe place for your tenants, which includes improving your curb appeal. Once you do it, you have an easier time attracting qualified tenants. And if you keep up with the regular upgrades, your existing tenants will likely stay longer in your property. 

Contact Property ManagementSo if you want to improve your rental property’s curb appeal, contact PURE Property Management. We can provide you with more practical ideas and tips on beautifying your rental space and making it more appealing.

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