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Tips On Maintaining Your Santa Rosa Investment Property Over Time - Article BannerRegular property maintenance is vital to generate desired profit from your Santa Rosa investment. It keeps your property in pristine condition, attracts quality tenants towards it, and increases its market value over time. Additionally, regular upkeep of your property adds to its life and prevents significant repairs. However, maintaining a property can be challenging unless you have a comprehensive plan ready.  

Here are a few tips on property maintenance that you can consider to keep your Santa Rosa investment in good shape.

1. Conduct Routine Inspection

Inspection is the first essential step to take while maintaining your Santa Rosa property. It profoundly impacts your investment’s longevity and helps you to check underlying repair issues that require immediate attention. Make sure you conduct routine walkthroughs, move-in and out inspections, and cover every item on your property. 

Check for roof leaks, water damage, rotting wood, and blocked drainage while inspecting the house’s exterior. Also, identify normal wear and tear, broken appliances, loose doorknobs, and cabinet handles inside the property. You can create an inspection checklist to reduce the chances of missing out on critical things in your unit.

2. Keep Up With Pest Control

A landlord is responsible for providing a safe, habitable and bug-free place for tenants, which means you must get pest control done regularly in your unit. Since unclean and tacky places are always a second home for rodents, pests, moths and spiders, you can call an exterminator to visit your property and see if it’s pest-free and clean. 

When it comes to pests, it is good to be proactive and ahead of the game because pest infestation can only cause you to lose your precious tenants and face more extended rental vacancies.

3. Hire a Landscaper

The landscape is the first thing your tenants see whenever they visit your property. An unmowed and cluttered lawn can drive your tenants away and prevent them from renting it. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the exterior neat and clean. We suggest hiring a professional landscaper to ensure a well-kept yard for your tenants.

It can help you boost curb appeal, improve drainage, trap pollutants in the air, prevent sidewalk cracking, prevent major pest infestations and make the place visually more appealing. Professional landscapers often have a checklist and proper equipment with them, which they use to make your garden look beautiful and fresh.

4. Care For HVAC System

The HVAC system helps maintain your Santa Rosa property’s heating, temperature, cooling and ventilation. Ideally, the HVAC system has a life of 10 to 20 years. However, you can extend the life of HVAC with regular and professional servicing and avoid heavy financial burdens. 

Usually, HVAC units experience reduced efficiency as dirt and debris clog their air filters. But changing the air filter at least once a year and regularly inspecting the unit can ensure that all the components, such as the evaporator coil, thermostat and combustion chamber, are instance and work well.

5. State Tenant’s Maintenance Responsibilities In a Lease

As a Santa Rosa landlord, you may not regularly monitor your tenant’s every move. But if you mention the tenant’s maintenance obligations and responsibilities in a lease, you can ensure that your tenants keep the property neat and clean. You can assign a few things, such as cleaning the carpet and curtains, vacuuming sofas and mattresses, maintaining the laws, cleaning the countertops, removing the trash every day and submitting the maintenance requests on time. Adding these things briefly in the lease can develop a sense of accountability amongst tenants and encourage them to maintain your property sincerely. 

6. Hire A Santa Rosa Property Management Company 

Experienced and skilled property managers understand the risks of neglecting maintenance aspects and the expenses irregular upkeep may cause. They also have a strong network of local vendors and licensed contractors who deliver quality repair services at affordable prices. 

Hire Property ManagementHiring a professional firm like PURE Property Management can help you save time and money and take good care of your unit throughout the year. Not only do we handle emergency requests your tenants make during the lease, but help you keep the property in habitable condition and retain its market value. 

For more information, contact us at PURE Property Management.