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Hiring a quality property manager from PURE Property Management will help you eliminate stress, handle the tenant communication, and deal with any issues that arise with your property.Renting out your property is a great way to earn extra income while still retaining (and earning) value on the property. It isn’t always an easy undertaking, especially if it’s an older home requiring a fair amount of maintenance. Hiring a quality property manager will help you eliminate stress, handle the tenant communication, and deal with any issues that arise with your property.

The benefits of hiring a good property manager can be immediately seen. With marketing and advertising knowledge, they can place quality tenants in your unit faster, saving you wasted rent on an empty property. They also have the tools and experience to screen and run background checks on potential tenants, something you would have to pay out of pocket for.

With qualified tenants ready to move in, your property manager will handle all of the legal details for you, including the lease and any additional terms you want to add into the lease. You’ll discuss pet policies, fees, deposits, and more, ensuring everything is laid out clearly in the lease. Having a solid lease protects both you and the tenant, so having an expert on hand to make changes and ensure it’s correct will help you over the entire course of the occupancy.

Don’t want to answer the phone in the middle of the night? You won’t have to! Property managers are ready and able to handle all tenant communication, including service calls, property emergencies and even rent collection. All the stress that comes with day to day management is no longer something you will need to worry about!

Quality, qualified, and talented property managers and management companies will make renting a joy for both tenants and landlords. With quick action, agreed upon lease terms, and clear communication, you won’t have to worry about what’s going on with your rental property. Your property manager finds trustworthy tenants, collects the rent on time, follows through on broken lease agreements, and ensures the property is well-maintained in case of damage.

It seems like a no-brainer, especially if you’ve found yourself worrying about and stressing over any aspect of your rental property. Hiring a great property manager will free up your time to do the things you love while still earning that monthly rental income!